Journal of Architectural Conservation


Volume 18, Number 1
March 2012


Historic Window Glass: the Use of Chemical Analysis to Date Manufacture David Dungworth

The Arab Hall, Leighton House Museum: Restoration and Conservation Works 2008-10 Dante Vanoli

Determination of Water Content in Brick Masonry Walls Using a Dielectric Probe Poul Klenz Larsen

Nano-Lime for Consolidation of Plaster and Stone Paul D'Armada and Elizabeth Hirst

Conserving our Wartime Heritage: a Reinforced Concrete Air Raid Shelter in East Lothian, Scotland Isobel Griffin and Jim Tate

Volume 18, Number 2
July 2012


Conservation of the 1948 Olympic Roll of Honour Plaques Tim Pretty and Alison Foster

Enhancing the Colour of English Brickwork Peter Sloane

Assessment of Architectural Terracotta Friezes in Bologna Claudio Galli and Francesco Conserva

The Anatomy and Demise of Decorative Brickwork on Artisans’ Housing in Birmingham Hugh Byrd

The Interior Decoration of the Japanese Tower at the Royal Castle Domain in Laeken Ann Verdonck and Marjolein Deceuninck


Volume 18, Number 3
November 2012


Dolomitic Lime in the US: History, Development and Physical Characteristics Jennifer Schork

Investigating and Restoring Decorative Finishes on Architectural Metals Joseph Sembrat, Mark Rabinowitz and Justine Bello

The Debate on the Need for a Protective Shelter over the Mausoleum of Cyrus the Great Maryam Rafiee Fanood

Structural Monitoring of an Ancient Post Mill Michael Chapman and Jack Hale

The Impact of Energy Improvement Measures on Heritage Buildings Eir Grytli, Lene Kvaerness, Lilian Sve Rokseth and Kristin Fines Ygre

Volume 17, Number 1
March 2011

Editorial Professor Peter Swallow

Conservation Issues in the Design of the United Kingdom Supreme Court Hugh Feilden

Conserving and Stabilizing Masonry Ruins Jon Avent

Headfort: A Robert Adam Designed House Interior Rediscovered Richard Ireland and David Gundry

Application of 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanning to Map Building Surfaces John Smits

Hot Lime Mortar in Conservation - Repair and Replastering of the Facades of Lacko Castle Ewa Sandstrom Malinowski and Torben Seir Hansen

Volume 17, Number 2
July 2011

Editorial Professor Peter Swallow

Teaching Conservation and Vernacular Architecture Maria Philokyprou

Is Ivy Good or Bad for Historic Walls? Heather Viles, Troy Sternberg and Alan Cathersides

Current Initiatives to Address Heritage Crime in the UK Bob Kindred

100 Years of Site Maintenance and Repair: Conservation of Earthen Archaeological Sites in the American Southwest Avigail A Charnov

Combined Photogrammetric Techniques and Computer Vision: 2D-3D Recordings of Garissa, Jordan Yahya Alshawabkeh, Khaled Douglas, Mohammed Matarya and Bilat Khristat

Volume 17, Number 3
November 2011

Editorial Professor Peter Swallow

Plaster, Stucco and Stuccoes Claire Gapper and Jeff Orton

Wollaton Hall: Prospect Room Floor Ed Morton

Cast-Iron Façades as Structural Shear Walls Marie Ennis and Donald Friedman

Ventilation, Infiltration and Air Permeability of UK traditional dwellings Diane Hubbard

Stone Restoration Practice In Palestinian Territories: A Case Study From Jerusalem Shadi Sami Ghadban and Marwan Ashhab


Volume 16, Number 1
March 2010

Editorial Professor Peter Swallow

The Use of Laser Cleaning in the Conservation of Public Copper-Alloy Monuments in the UK Helen Thompson and Martin Cooper

Castle Howard Mausoleum: Reconstruction of the Twenty Columns Ian Hume

The Great Stair at Kedleston Hall Paul Ragsdale

Heritage Management and Community Connections - on the Rocks Richard Mackay and Chris Johnston

Conservation and Conflict in the Central Asian Silk Roads Enrico Fodde

Guggenheim Museum Exterior Colour: A Note from the Paint Analysts Norman R. Weiss, Glenn Boornazian and Amanda T. Trienens

Volume 16, Number 2
July 2010

Editorial Professor Peter Swallow

The Construction of the Classical Elevations of Selfridges Store, Oxford Street: An Appraisal Michael Beare

The New York Public Library: Protective Treatment for Sugaring Marble A. Elena Charola, Silvia A. Centeno, Kyle Normandin

Issues Surrounding the Conservation of Vitrolite Glass Fiona Hudd

Sandstone Chamber Humidity and Tourism in Petra, Jordan Thomas R. Paradise

Commissioning Architectural Paint Research: A Researcher's Perspective Karen Morrissey

Volume 16, Number 3
November 2010

Editorial Professor Peter Swallow

Climate Change and Traditional Buildings: The Approach Taken by Historic Scotland Roger Curtis

The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Spanish Ceiling Project: Interpretation and Conservation Batyah Shtrum, Melanie Brussat, Miguel Garcia, Timothy Hayes, Stephanie Massaux

Surface Stratigraphy on Limestone of Venetian Palaces Manuela Sgobbi, Peter Brimblecombe, Carlota Gross, Guido Biscontin, Elisabetta Zendri

The Listing and Conservation of the Farnborough Wind Tunnels Judy Allen

Tuff Stone Masonry near Tower Hill in Victoria: Fragmentary Remains of Pioneer Settlement in Australia Chris How, Marie Jackson, Catherine Woolfitt


Volume 15, Number 1
March 2009
View abstracts

Sir Bernard Feilden 1919-2008: a Monument to Building Conservation

Editorial Professor Peter Swallow

Egryn: Conservation of a Working Farm Elizabeth Green

The Conservation of Coral Buildings on Saudi Arabia's Northern Red Sea Coast Aylin Orbasli

Applications of Infrared Thermography to Historic Building Investigation Jonathan Spodek and Elisabetta Rosina

Environmental Control in National Trust Properties Linda Bullock


Volume 15, Number 2
July 2009
View abstracts

Editorial Professor Peter Swallow

Belton Boathouse: A Review of its Repair and Restoration for the National Trust Nick Cox

'Where Shall She Live?' The History and Designation of Housing for Working Women in London 1880-1925 Emily Gee

Impacts of Fire on Stone-Built Heritage Miguel Gomez-Heras, Stephen McCabe, Bermard J. Smith and Rafael Fort

Fills for the Repair of Marble: A Brief Survey Jonathan Kemp

Cantilever, Hanging or Pencheck Stone Stairs Ian Hume


Volume 15, Number 3
November 2009
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Editorial Professor Peter Swallow

Conservation of Historical Observatories Elliss Sharpe

The Monument to the Great Fire of London: An Investigation of the Verticality of the Monument and the Resecuring of the Great Orb Judy Allen

Historic Fabric vs. Design Intent: Authenticity and Preservation of the Modern Architecture at Frank Lloyd Wright's Guggenheim Museum Angel Ayon

Diagnosing Defects in Lime-Based Materials Jeremy Ingham

Bats and Historic Buildings: The Importance of Making Informed Decisions Jonathan Howard

Volume 14, Number 1
March 2008
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Editorial  Elizabeth Hirst

Snowshill Manor: The Spirit of Place and the Visitor  Jonathan Howard

The Listening Mirrors:
A Conservation Approach to Concrete Repair Techniques 

Alan Wright and Peter Kendall

Queen’s Royal College, Trinidad: Architectural Conservation in the Caribbean  Francis Maude

Fired Brick Conservation in the Kyrgyz Silk Roads  Enrico Fodde

Volume 14, Number 2
July 2008
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Obituary: Professor John Ashurst (1937–2008)

Editorial  Norman R. Weiss

Battersea Power Station
Keith Garner

Paine’s Chapel at Cusworth Hall
Elizabeth Hirst, Alison Aynesworth and Karen Morrissey

Conserving the Cutty Sark: Electrolysis Treatments for a Grade I Listed Clipper Ship Gina Crevello and Paul Noyce

Conservation of Traditional Ironwork Chris Topp

Urban Regeneration and the Management of Change Dennis Rodwell

Volume 14, Number 3
November 2008
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Editorial  Bob Kindred

The Red Store, Lerryn, Cornwall: Richard Davies

Scaffolding Historic Buildings Ed Morton

Understanding the Weathering Behaviour of Caen Stone Tim Palmer

Identifying Caen Stone for Remedial Work Tim Yates

The Historic Hammāms of Cairo Fodil Fadil and Magda Sibley

Restoration of Outdoor Plaster Pavement Floors in a Medieval Czech Castle Zuzana Slížková & Miloš Drdácký


Volume 13, Number 1
March  2007
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Editorial  Norman R. Weiss

Stiffening a Timber Floor at Somerset House  Simon Bennett

Roman Cement: Its Origins and Properties  David Hughes,
Simon Swann and Alan Gardner

St George’s Hall, Liverpool:
A Review of the Recent Work

Robert Chambers

Historic Timber Cantilever Staircases  Paul Begg

Fired Brick and Sulphate Attack: The Case of Moenjodaro, Pakistan  Enrico Fodde

The National Trust in Australia Origins, Role and Key Advocacy Challenges  
Jacqui Goddard and Alice Yates

Volume 13, Number 2
July  2007
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Introduction  Bob Kindred

Patterns of Practice in the Conservation of Modern Architecture  John Allan

The CIS Tower  John Hudson

Yale University Art Gallery,
Louis I. Kahn
 Lloyd L. DesBrisay

The Billiet House, Bruges
Ann Verdonck

Harry Seidler and the Legacy of Modern Architecture in Australia  Susan Macdonald

The Greenside Case  Dennis Sharp

Protecting 1960s Architect-Designed Houses  Scott Robertson

ICOMOS  Sheridan Burke

Docomomo International
Anne-Laure Guillet

Docomomo-UK  James Dunnett

The Brunswick Centre  Stuart Tappin

Volume 13, Number 3
Nov  2007
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Editorial  Vincent Shacklock

Appropriate Technologies for Conservation  David Yeomans

The Apollo Victoria Theatre Conservation Against the Clock  John Earl and John Muir

Roman Cement: Stucco and Decorative Elements, a Conservation Strategy 
David Hughes, Simon Swann and
Alan Gardner

Managing Fire Risk in Historic Thatched Buildings 
Roger Angold and Marjorie Sanders

Preserving Historic Churches and Monasteries in the Republic of Macedonia  Pance Velkov

Volume 12, Number 1
March 2006
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Introduction  Bob Kindred

Non-Hydraulic Lime Mortars: The Influence of Binder and Filler Type  Mike Lawrence, Peter Walker and
Dina D'Ayala

Laser Scanning for Architectural Conservation  David M. Barber,
Ross W.A. Dallas and Jon P. Mills

Structural Preservation of Chinese Architectural Heritage: A Critical Appraisal of the China Principles and the Structures Principles 
Dina D'Ayala and Hui Wang

Loss, Compensation and Authenticity in Architectural Conservation  Frank Matero

The Association for Preservation Technology: Profile of a North American conservation organization  Hugh C. Miller

Volume 12, Number 2
July 2006
View abstracts

Introduction  Elizabeth Hirst

Conservation Practice of Chinese Timber Structures
Dina D'Ayala and Hui Wang

Cardiff Castle Clock Tower: Architectural Paint Research and Recreation of William Burges' Polychromy and Design 
Elizabeth Hirst, Karen Morrissey and Alison Thornton

Managing Historic Cities: The Management Plans for the Bath and Edinburgh World Heritage Sites  Dennis Rodwell

The Colour Washing and Pencilling of Historic English Brickwork
Gerard C.J. Lynch

The Repair and Alterations of the De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill-on-Sea  Mark Cannata

Volume 12, Number 3
Nov 2006
View abstracts

Foreword  Sir Bernard Feilden

Facing up to Challenges in Architectural Conservation
Vincent Shacklock

Personal Perspectives

Protecting the Historic Environment  Malcolm Airs

The Context for Skills, Education and Training  John Preston

What Direction for Conservation?  Bob Kindred

The American Contrast
Donovan D. Rypkema

The Protection of Historic Parks and Gardens
David Lambert and Jonathan Lovie

SAVE Britain’s Heritage and the Amenity Societies  Adam Wilkinson

Scientific Research into Architectural Conservation
Peter Brimblecombe and Carlota Grossi

The Listing of Buildings  Bob Kindred

Volume 11, Number 1
March 2005  View abstracts

Editorial  David Watt

Wallpapers  Allyson McDermott

Prediction and Prevention of Hygroscopic Salt Activity in Historic Buildings  Paul D'Armada

Maintenance: From Philosophy to Practice 
Nigel Dann and Timothy Cantell

East Asian Values in Historic Conservation  Seung-Jin Chung

Corrugated-Iron Buildings: An Endangered Resource within the Built Environment 
Nick Thomson and Phil Banfill

Obituary: Nigel Seeley (1942-2004)  Nicolas Barker

Volume 11, Number 2
July 2005 
View abstracts

Introduction  Vincent Shacklock

The Sydney Opera House: An Evolving Icon 
atricia Hale and Susan Macdonald

Conservation Plans and the Development Process  Chris Miele

The Sandford Inventory of Earth Buildings as a Conservation Aid
Margaret Ford, Richard Griffiths and Linda Watson 

The Changing Facade of Magdalen College, Oxford  
Mary Thornbush and Heather Viles

The Holnicote Thatching Project  Bridget Litchfield

Restoring a Bosphorus Yalı
Dorothy Dinsmoor

Volume 11, Number 3
Nov 2005 View abstracts

Introduction  Nicola Ashurst

Masonry Cleaning Technologies: Overview of Current Practice and Techniques
Deborah Slaton and Kyle C. Normandin

The White Tower and the Perception of Blackening
Carlota Grossi and Peter Brimblecombe

Sydney Opera House: Analysis and Cleaning of the Concrete
Paul Akhurst, Susan Macdonald, and Trevor Waters

Saint John the Divine: Techniques to Assess Fire Soil  Claudia Kavenagh and Christopher John Gembinski

St Paul's Cathedral: Poultice Cleaning of the Interior
Martin Stancliffe, Inge De Witte and Eddy De Witte

Laser Cleaning of Sculpture, Monuments and Architectural Detail  Martin Cooper

Conservation of Historic Metals by Waterjetting Techniques
Joseph Sembrat, Patty Miller,
Jee Skavdahl and Lydia Frenzel

Volume 10, Number 1

March 2004 View abstracts

‘Merlin and the Mason’: Balancing New Technology and Tradition  Robert J. Watt and Martin E. Weaver

Moisture Measurement in Tirsted Church  Poul Klenz Larsen

Accreditation in Historic Building Conservation: The Work of the Edinburgh Group  Ingval Maxwell, David Heath and Paul Russell

A Profile of Jukka Ilmari Jokilehto  Bernard Feilden

Windowcraft – Part One 
Sonja Allback and Bertil Fredlund

Conservation and Adaptive Re-Use of the Bakirkoy Spirit Factory in Istanbul  Yegan Kahya, Yildiz Salman and Nur Akin

Volume 10, Number 2

July 2004 View abstracts

Windowcraft – Part Two 
Sonja Allback and Hans Allback

Holkham Estate Returns to Traditional Materials and Craftsmanship  Viscount Coke

Conservation of Structure in Historic Buildings  John Warren

Developments in Conservation Policy: The Evolving Role of the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment
John R. Mansfield

Brick and Tile Deterioration at the Hoca Ahmet Yesevi Building Complex, Turkestan  Ahmet Gulec

The Saving of Wotton House in the Fifties and Sixties  Donald Insall

Volume 10, Number 3

Nov 2004 View abstracts

Hot Lime Mortars  A. Forster

Asmara, Eritrea: The Balanced Approach to Conservation and Development in a Historic City Centre  Dennis Rodwell

Saving Structures  David Yeomans

The Building Department of the National Trust  Rory Cullen

Disability Access to Buildings and Monuments  Lisa Foster

Obituary: Martin Weaver 
Hugh Miller

Volume 9, Number 1

March 2003 View abstracts

The Characteristics and Properties of Rubbing Bricks used for Gauged Brickwork Part One
Lynch and Sara Pavia

Raindrops Keep Falling on my Lead  Geoffrey C. Allen, Leon Black, Philip D. Forshaw, and Nigel J. Seeley

The Belfast Roof Truss 
Raymond Gilfillan and Stephen Gilbert

Sustainability and the Holistic Approach to the Conservation of Historic Cities  Dennis Rodwell

An Approach to Sustaining Historic Cities of the Islamicate World 
Noha Nasser

Volume 9, Number 2

July 2003 View abstracts

The Characteristics and Properties of Rubbing Bricks used for Gauged Brickwork – Part Two
Sara Pavia and Gerard Lynch

Approaches to Urban Conservation in Central and Eastern Europe  Dennis Rodwell

The Risk Map of Italian Cultural Heritage  G. Aaccardo, E. Giani and
A. Giovagnoli

Measured Surveys of Historic Buildings: User Requirements and Technical Progress  Ross Dallas

Obituary: Freddie Charles (1912–2002)  Bernard Feilden

Volume 9, Number 3

Nov 2003 View abstracts

Cathodic Protection of Masonry-Clad, Steel-Framed Buildings 
Kate Turnpenny and Stuart Tappin

Adaptive Re-Use and the Landmark Trust  Caroline Stanford

Successes and Failures in the Conservation of Wooden Structures  Martin E. Weaver

Architectural and Structural Modelling for the Conservation of Cathedrals  Dina D'Ayala and
Pierre Smars

Presentation of the Roman Temple, Deir el Hagar, Egypt  Adam Zielinski

Volume 8, Number1

March 2002 View abstracts

Community Involvement in a Housing Renewal Project in the Old City of Jerusalem  Eman Assi

'Conserving Cardiff Castle'
John Edwards

The Reuse of Water Towers
Michael Gould

Historic Lighting  Gersil Kay

Analysis of Historic Lime and Gypsum Plaster Floors – Part One  David Watt and Belinda Colston

Volume 8, Number 2

July 2002  View abstracts

The Entrance Hall of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge: Nineteenth-Century Architectural Polychromy   Tobit Curteis

Succeeding with Hydraulic Lime Mortars  Paul Livesey

Reflections on 12 Years of Repairs at Ely Cathedral  Jane Kennedy

Analysis of Historic Lime and Gypsum Plaster Floors – Part Two Belinda Colston, David Watt and Anthony Goode

Area-Based Protection Mechanisms for Heritage Conservation: A European Comparison  Robert Pickard

Volume 8, Number 3

Nov 2002  View abstracts

The Stabilization of the Leaning Tower of Pisa  John B. Burland

Monument to Madness: the Rehabilitation of the Victorian Lunatic Asylum  Bridget Franklin

The World Heritage Convention and the Exemplary Management of Complex Heritage Sites  
Dennis Rodwell

Professional Training and Specialization in Conservation: An ICOMOS Viewpoint  Aylin Orbasli and Philip Whitbourn

Assessing the Conservation Needs of the Taj Mahal  O. P. Agrawal

Volume 7, Number 1
March 2001 
View abstracts

Field and Laboratory Assessment of Lime-Based Mortars  John Stewart, Richard Glover, John Houston,
Nigel Seeley and Trevor Proudfoot

Managing Complex Historic Cities: The Cambridge Historic Core Appraisal  Jon Burgess

The Dutch Urban Heritage of Recife, Pernambuco, in Brazil  Ron van Oers

Banganga: The ‘Whole’ as a ‘Part’ in Metropolitan Mumbai  Harshad Bhatia

Volume 7, Number 2
July 2001 
View abstracts

Conservation Strategies for Damp Buildings and Plaster: Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire  Katy Lithgow and John Stewart

Twentieth-Century Buildings 
Alan Baxter

Rose Seidler House 
Alexandra Teague

Methodology of Conservation Engineering  Donald Friedman

Reusing Old Buildings: Protected Monuments in Belgium  Patrick van Cayseele and Wim van Meerbeeck

Volume 7, Number 3
Nov 2001 View abstracts

The Conservation of Reigate Stone at Hampton Court Palace and HM Tower of London   
Robin Sanderson and Keith Garner

Lime Mortars as a Problem for Sandstone   
Joseph Picalli and Dr Elizabeth Laycock

Spitbank - A Solent Seafort 
Robin Nugent

Post-Ceausescu Conservation in Romania  Dorothy Bell

Risk Management at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge  
Margaret Greeves

Volume 6, Number 1
March 2000 
View abstracts

Conserving the ‘White Architecture’ of the 1930s  John Summer

Fungal Problems in Historic Buildings  Jagjit Singh

Ceramic Tiles in Historic Buildings: Examination, Recording and Treatment  Rachel Faulding and
Susan Thomas

Heritage Conservation in Australia: A Frame in Flux 
Penny O’Connor

Residents’ Attitudes to Conservation  Peter Larkham

Volume 6, Number 2
July 2000 
View abstracts

Repairs to the Saloon Roof at the Reform Club, London 
Paul Vonberg and Mark Hammond

Magnesian and Dolomitic Lime Mortars in Building Conservation   Nigel Seeley

Air Pollution and Architecture
Peter Brimblecombe

Stone Cleaning: Comparing Perceptions with Physical and Financial Implications  Jonathan Ball, Richard Laing and Maureen Young

Rebuilding of a Historic Polish Town: ‘Retroversion’ in Action  Jim Johnson

Conserving Historic Gardens 
John Sales

Volume 6, Number 3
Nov 2000 
View abstracts

Is Tourism Governing Conservation in Historic Towns?  Aylin Orbasli

The Future of Historic Cities 
Alan Baxter

On Preserving Our Ruins 
Caroline Stanford

Monuments and Sites of the Polar Regions   Susan Barr

Searching for the Concept of Authenticity: Implementation Guidelines  Eman Assi

Stonehenge: The Saga Continues   Elizabeth Young and Wayland Kennet

Volume 5, Number 1
March 1999 View abstracts

The Repair and Conversion of Norton Park School, Edinburgh: A Sustainable Future for Historic Buildings  Richard Atkins

The National Park Service – Professionalizing the Conservation of America's Historic Landscapes  Karen L. Jessup

'Scratching the Surface': An Introduction to Sgraffito and its Conservation in England  Jane Lamb

Conservation of the Architectural Heritage of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus  A.D.C. Hyland

Interview with Geoffrey Beard: Scholarship, Craft and Conservation
Peter Burman and David Watt

Volume 5, Number 2
July 1999 View abstracts

Creative Re-use: Working with the Building  Derek Latham

The Use of Lead Paint for Historic Buildings  Nigel Seeley

Technical Conservation, Research and Education in Historic Scotland  Charles McKean

Architectural Conservation and Environmental Sustainability: Conflict or Convergence? 
Julia Wallace, Marilyn Higgins and  Jeremy Raemaekers

The Conservation of Historic Areas and Public Participation
John Pendlebury and Tim Townshend

Volume 5 Number 3
Nov 1999 View abstracts

Architectural Conservation
Bernard Feilden

A Century of Heritage Conservation Jukka Jokilehto

The Use of Pozzolans in Lime Mortars Geoffrey Boffey and
Elizabeth Hirst

Valuing and Surveying Historic Buildings  Richard Oxley

The Relevance of GIS in the Evaluation of Vernacular Architecture  Margaret Ford, 
Hisham El Kadi and Linda Watson

Volume 4, Number 1
March 1998 View abstracts

Lime Mortars for Brickwork: Traditional Practice and Modern Misconceptions – Part One  
Gerard Lynch

Harrington Hall: Destruction and Renewal  Shervie Price

Environmental Control in Historic Buildings  Peter Lawson-Smith

Characterization of Ancient Mortars: Evaluation of Simple and Sophisticated Methods  
Ahmet Gulec and Ahmet Ersen

Architectural Conservation in South Africa  Graeme Binckes

Volume 4, Number 2
July 1998 View abstracts

Lime Mortars for Brickwork: Traditional Practice and Modern Misconceptions – Part Two 
Gerard Lynch

Building Repairs and the Conservation of the Painted Ceiling in the New Chapel at Ightham Mote  Stuart Page

Laser Cleaning Lincoln Cathedral's Romanesque Frieze  Kay Beadman and Jane Scarrow

World Monuments Watch 1996-97
Jon Calame

Conservation of Granite Buildings and Monuments 
D.C.M. Urquhart and M.E. Young

Volume 4, Number 3
Nov 1998 View abstracts

The Treatment of Timber Decay into the 21st Century  Brian Ridout

Letting the Building Speak – An Interview with Sir Bernard Feilden Derek Linstrum

Cathedral Care and the Influence of Funding  Michael O'Connor

Algal and Lichen Growth following Chemical Stone Cleaning
Maureen E. Young

Urban Conservation Policy Development: Character Appraisal and Analysis  Andrea Mageean

Volume 3, Number1
March 1997 View abstracts

Conservation and Diverging Philosophies  Robert Maguire

Approaches to the Treatment of Historic Painted and Decorated Interiors  Susan Thomas

Values and Urban Conservation Planning:  Principles and Definitions
Silvio Mendes Zancheti and
Jukka Jokilehto

Archaeology and Architecture
Keith Emerick

The Process of Visitor Impact Assessment  Paul Thomas,
Nigel Seeley and Patrick O'Sullivan

Volume 3, Number 2
July 1997 View abstracts

Propping Up Pisa – Part One
John B. Burland

A Comparative Study of Alkoxysilanes and Acrylics in Sequence and in Mixture 
Frank G. Matero and Anne B. Oliver

The Conservation of Singapore's Chinatown  Sim Loo Lee

The Susceptibility of Historic Brick Masonry to Decay 
S. Pavia Santamaria and J. R. Bolton

The Conservation of Monasteries in the Western Himalayas
Jyoti P. Sharma and Janhwij Sharma

Volume 3, Number 3
Nov 1997 View abstracts

Propping Up Pisa – Part Two
John B. Burland

A Lawyer's Perspective  Charles Mynors

A Study of the Production and Use of Lime in East Africa 
Stafford Holmes and Theo Schilderman

Holistic Interpretation of a City's Built Heritage: Experience from the Chicago Architecture Foundation Ted Newcomen

Conservation in a Multicultural Environment  Michael Taylor

Volume 2, Number 1
March 1996  View abstracts

Limes and Lime Mortars - Part Two 
David Carrington and Peter Swallow

St John's Cathedral, Brisbane: The Completion of Pearson's 'Last and Greatest Work'  Arthur J. Grimshaw

Reconciling Authenticity and Repair in the Conservation of Modern Architecture  Susan Macdonald

A Field Investigation of Algal Growths and Biocide Efficacy on Sandstone Buildings and Monuments
D. Urquhart, M. Young, R. Wakefield,
K. Tonge and K. Nicholson

Conservation of the Luisenstadtischer Kanal, Berlin
Volker Schirner and Judith Roberts

Volume 2, Number 2
July 1996  View abstracts

Integrity and Integration: Evolution and Rehabilitation in the City – Part One Gerald Dix

The Campaigns for Christ Church, Spitalfields and Nicholas Hawksmoor, 1960–1995 
Elizabeth Young

A Landscape Strategy for the Thames  Kim Wilkie

Viewpoint: A Picture of the Conservation Sector
Stephen Drewer and Mark Steel

Asbestos: An Imminent Hazard  Laurie Kazan-Allen

Restoration of Westminster Roman Catholic Cathedral  John Phillips

Volume 2, Number 3
Nov 1996  View abstracts

Integrity and Integration: Evolution and Rehabilitation in the City – Part Two  Gerald Dix

The Conservation of Scotland's Historic Gardens – Some Recent Issues  Ralph G. Skea

Interview with Martin Drury – A Profile of the National Trust
Charles McKean

The Enhancement of Conservation Areas: A Search for Information  Elizabeth  Larkham and Peter Larkham

Conservation in Jordan: A Comprehensive Methodology for Historical and Cultural Resources  Rami F. Daher

Volume 1, Number 1
March 1995  View abstracts

Conservation - Is There No Limit? - A Review  Bernard Feilden

The Study and Treatment of Historic Buildings and Monuments in Britain  David Mason and Vincent Shacklock

The Role of Paint Analysis in the Historic Interior  Patrick Baty

Historic Parks and Gardens - Listing, Awareness and the Future  Judith Roberts

Surface Analysis of Architectural Terracotta  C.R. Moynehan, G.C. Allen, I.T. Brown, S.R. Church, J. Beavis and J. Ashurst

Restoration of the Historic Fabric of Burlington House and the Main Galleries, Royal Academy of Arts, London  Julian Harrap

Volume 1, Number 2
July 1995  View abstracts

Conservation and the Stonemason  Peter Hill

The Treatment of Historic Parks and Gardens  David Jacques

Biocide Residues as a Hazard in a Building under Conservation
B. Cope, N. Garrington, A. Matthews and D. Watt

Monuments Conservation Practice in Ghana: Issues of Policy and Management  Anthony Hyland

Perception, Disability and the Conservation Environment
Peter Howell

The Conservation of Historic Dovecotes  John McCann

Volume 1, Number 3
Nov 1995  View abstracts

Limes and Lime Mortars - Part One  Peter Swallow and David Carrington

Forensic Conservation and Other Current Developments in the Conservation of Heritage Resources and the Built Environment 
Martin E. Weaver

Beyond CAD: The Application of Computer Modelling and Visualization to Architectural Conservation  Robert Ashton

Access to Historic Properties: A Look Forward  Lisa Foster

Integrated Conservation of Natural and Historical Aspects of the Countryside  Honor Gay

















































































































































































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